Tado = Frustration! Ideal Logik ES1 35

Hi Everyone,

So thanks to you lovely people, I managed to realised the Wired Thermostat was not infact suitable for my use case and therefore ended up purchasing the EU version to allow Opentherm and Modulation.

I thought I was good!

But behold, once everything was wired up, my boiler fails to call for heat! Went through to Tado technical support on phone who were nothing less of useless who mentioned 'the wireless extension kit' was faulty, however my electrican mentioned it was working absolutely fine - which is true.

It's something to do with the connections (or lack of) in the boiler itself. Does anyone have any ideas as to why it is not calling for heat? The electrician seems to think we're missing someone from the boiler.


  • Just to add to this - due to the electrician not being able to connect it via OT and Modulation, it is now on Relay settings and seems to be working fine. However, this is not what I originally purchased for.

    Tado support mentioned that they'd send me some sort of guide as it 'was very complex with ideal' boilers.

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    Some boilers need an additional wiring harness installed to support digital connections. I've no idea about yours but the guide from Tado might shed some light on it.

    Have you tried speaking to Ideal?

    EDIT: page 33 of this guide should help your installer but double check that this is the correct manual for your boiler


  • Tried calling Ideal and waited for over an hour in total on hold - all for them to say they couldn't speak to my electrician because he was not gas certified or something - absolutely beyond me.

    The electrician was watching some installation videos and he mentioned that we could be missing some additional wiring elements as it didn't match up on the video but I don't know what it is without Ideal speaking to me!

    Argh. Tado support STILL haven't provided instructions for my set up either.