Wireless Receiver Hot Water 'call for heat' light stays ON

Just installed a Wireless V3+ with Hot Water Control. The Central Heating side is working perfectly but I think I've got a problem with the Hot Water control.

On the Wireless Receiver, the Hot Water 'call for heat' light comes ON at the scheduled time but it remains ON until the end of the scheduled on time. The boiler actually turns ON and OFF presumably as required by the Hot Water cylinder thermostat and water temperature but even when the boiler is off the HW call for heat light stays ON.

I have checked the wiring in the Tado receiver, the wiring centre, the cylinder stat and the 2 port valves and all seems to be correct.

Is this the way the Tado system works or do I have a fault or wiring issue which is causing the Receiver LED to stay ON ?

(I have a Worcester heat only boiler and S Plan system with Megaflo HW cylinder)


  • hugbilly
    hugbilly ✭✭✭

    That is correct, because your cylinder thermostat (assuming you have one) switches the boiler / valve on and off during the "on" period for hot water provision . . .

  • Thanks hugbilly. Yes I do have a cylinder thermostat and everything does seem to be working correctly apart from the Receiver HW 'call for heat' LED stays on for the duration of the ON timeblock. Many thanks again for confirming this operation is correct.