Tado to control a zone valve for underfloor heating?

Hello, we need your help to see if/how I can control an underfloor heating with our current Tado system.


We have a conventional boiler and a hot water tank.

We have a wireless receive/extension near the hot water tank

Our individual rads have Tado’s smart TRVs

The problem is we have underfloor heating in a room that is too far to wire to the zone valve without causing major damage to the house.

Someone from Tado suggested (but they didn't provide much detail):

-Installing a wired smart thermostat that would work as an on/off switch near the valve that controls the underfloor heating

-Use a wireless thermostat in the room that has underfloor heating to control that wired thermostat


-Not sure Tado’s recommendation would work because how would the wired thermostat know what the wireless thermostat is ‘asking for’ ?

-Also not sure how the wired thermostat would control just a zone valve. Is there an alternative?

-Ideally, we would have another wireless receiver, but I understand you can only have 1 per system

-Any ideas aside from getting Nest or something similar just for the underfloor heating room?

Thanks in advance


  • In your situation, the wired smart thermostat would be the zone controller and the relay in it would be wired to actuate the UFH valve.

    Your wireless smart thermostat would be located in the room where the UFH is and would have the wired smart thermostat as its zone controller. Essentially a zone with one room in it.