Question about temperature modulation


I’m looking to replace my old non-smart (wired) thermostat with a Tado (wired) thermostat and I’m confused about temperature modulation.

I know very little about boilers, what I do know is that I have a Baxi 800 boiler installed in 2019 with some sort of weather sensor/compensation.

If I swap my existing wired thermostat with the Tado wired thermostat will it work with temperature modulation, or will I need new wiring or anything changed on the boiler?


  • policywonk

    Here's the instruction manual for installation of your boiler.

    Your boiler can respond to Opentherm controls as well as Switched Live controls. The Opentherm ones hands over all control to the external controller, so unless Tado confirm it will use the wall sensor, you'll run the risk of losing some efficiency in that boiler.

    If you dont mind that and want to use Tado's heat fencing system as an alternative, it will work, but I would suggest you wire your Tado controls using the switched live system, not the Opentherm system.