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Smart Thermostat Installation Frustration

Dear Tado - I'm hoping someone can re-start my online installation process ASAP. Support ticket number 1049417.

I am part through my installation. I have the bridge and paired and the thermostat connected. However, installation has been stopped with a message and support ticket saying "We are currently checking your heating system".

My CURRENT system is comprised of:

1) Insbud TX3000 wired thermostat

2) Firebird Enviromax C20 Oil Boiler

3) Underfloor heating (I do NOT have floor sensors)

The boiler and thermostat are connected via simple "switch live" on/off relay connection. Therefore, I should have no compatibility issues. I checked this thoroughly with Tado support before purchasing, hence my frustration that my installation is halted.

Please see attached pictures of my current thermostat wiring.

Thank you.

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  • When you first install Tado send you specific wiring instructions, you should receive an email with them. When adding thermostats you can always answer the question stating thermostat is already installed to bypass that.

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