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How to set automation for bathroom with underfloor heating and radiator each controlled by Tado

So I got Tado units everywhere and now I have a problem with setting the automation in my bathroom where I got underfloor heating controlled by tado smart thermostat and and radiator controlled by smart radiator thermostate.

The task is quite complicated because my electric underfloor heating system is controlled by Tado smart thermostat, set at -5 Celsius degrees offset to provide comfortable feeling for heated floor whenever I set it to 25 Celsius degrees at thermostate. I did it because Tado blocked avabilty to set a higher temperatures above 25 celsius degree degrees, which for the floor I think is quite low range.

I just want to set appropriate order process for preheating the floor first because it's electric and electricity is way more expensive bags to reach the level one the floor is enough heated to provide comfortable feeling and then hit the entire interior by the radiator so the smart devastate will control the first stage of the process and then after the smart radiotr thermostate will took over.


  • 25 degree limit is for the room temperature which is plenty hot enough, it has nothing to do with the actual temperature of the heating system in the floor. If you want to control both rad and floor separately don’t configure them in same room in Tado app

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