Oil Burner and Back Boiler Compatibility

I have a Grant oil burner with a basic APT timer and 2 zone (upstairs/downstairs) switch. I have a stove with back boiler installed into the switch also. Will Tado work with this setup and what design would I use?


  • policywonk

    Hi. Would you be open to explaining the plumbing right now and the wiring?

    1. Is it fair to assume that you have traditional radiators? Do the mostly have thermostats on their individual feeds? If so, the first assumption I would make is that each rad has a wireless thermostat added to it to control demand locally.
    2. You stated there are two zones, one up, one down. Do you have underfloor heating downstairs and/or upstairs? If so I would assume there is a manifold with a wiring centre that drives a two way valve, a pump and also triggers one or both boilers. Need to know.
    3. That Grant boiler. does it serve as a system boiler, ie with individual pumps handling hot water and central heating, or does it operate as a combie, with hot water on demand, CH through the APT timer?
    4. The back boiler - would you explain what arrangement causes it to turn on and off?
    5. How many pumps are there? Where? Are there two way valves or three way valves in place? Is this an S plan or Y plan, or something else?

    With whatever you can provide, we could reflect and make suggestions.