Hot water ok but no heat as of this evening (31/03/2024)


Hi folks, earlier today we noticed it getting colder in the house so checked the system, sure enough no heat. The boiler isn't turning on when heat is requested but does work ok for the hot water.

Looking at the gas consumption the heating has only been on at around 4pm today.

I should say the system has been installed for several years and all devices appear to be connected ok.

I saw a post similar to this from earlier today, could this be related to the same issue, if so any idea how I can get some heat in the house please?


  • policywonk
    policywonk ✭✭
    edited April 11
    Go to the wireless receiver and press the heating button, forcing it on. Does that kick the boiler into life within 10 mins?
    If it doesn't tithe either got a wiring problem or the receiver is faulty.