Fitting Tado in Worcester boiler


I have a Worcester Greenstar Highflow 440 CDi boiler with an integral DT20RF programmer. Is it possible to fit a Tado programmer without interfering with the internal wiring of the boiler?


  • policywonk
    Hi. This link
    has the fitting instructions. Go to page 26 and 26. You'll see that there is an arrangement whereby you can fit an external programmer and thermostat.
    Now if you have a Tado app, use the guide to identify the boiler and starter kit. The app should guide you through the rest. If still not sure, call the service agents for your boiler and ask them to put you in touch with tech support. Explain the problem. If they won't help you need an electrician.
  • RobertP
    My boiler is different from the one shown (?older). There does seem to be an option to remove the existing programmer and plug in another but will the Tado receiver fit there?