Heating won't turn off even when all room are above their target temperature

I am having trouble with my Tado system. The heating will not turn off even though all room that are controlled by trvs and thermostats are above their target twmoretue. Even if I turn all rooms off the hearing does not turn off.

The rooms that have trvs anf are above the target twmoretue don't heat up its only the bathroom rads continue to heat because they only have normal trvs on them. The wreless receiver doesn't looks like it is not calling for heat, but the boiler fails to turn off l.

Only hte rads continue to heat the water remains cold.

Not sure what the issue is. Hoping it's something on the tado side and not an issue with my boiler.

I've opened a support ticket with customer support.

My system is a tado v3 with an Internet Bridge, wireless receiver and a number or trvs and wireless thermostats.

Any help would be great. Currently manually turning my boiler on and off.



  • wateroakley
    wateroakley ✭✭✭

    More details about your heating system are needed. What is you boiler model, combi or with a HW tank?, are the zone valves a typical s-plan or y-plan?

    That said, if the Tado wireless receiver CH light is OFF … could be a stuck microswitch in the receiver, or a faulty zone valve.