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We have had Tado for about 18mths now, 14 of which it has worked, these were the good times. We chose to change our Internet provider to Virgin and the system has now not worked since January 24. We have contacted customer support (bots and messaging service) which is horrendous. We have tried to follow the instructions to the best of our ability to have this reinstalled but alas to no avail. You wait hours for responses to requests for help, only to receive the same old instructions, which we can not get to work. By this time if you actually had a customer service operator they have since disappeared and you have to repeat the same process over and over and over again. It's just not good enough! This should be a plug and play system. We have not been able to control our heating system remotely or set timers for 4 months costing us £££'s. Why is there no Human interaction possible to get a walk through and where do we go next for help? as Tado representatives are simply hiding behind screens, fob you off with an email instruction…job done…..not!

It may be us who are not able to follow simple instruction or there maybe other issues, but if there was someone just to help talk you through it, that would be Customer Service.

It takes all of our patience and time to put a whole day aside to try and tackle this issue every couple of weeks. I always turns out like Groundhog Day. It's simply just not good enough.


  • hugbilly
    hugbilly ✭✭✭
    I find emailing the customer support team at gets a pretty quick response . . .
  • wateroakley
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    @99_Unhappy_Customer hello customer. Swapping ISP sounds like the start of your connectivity issue?? There are so many variables that can cause remote connection problems with cloud services like Tado. Not least, some ISP-branded routers do not support the Tado internet dongle speed/protocols. Our rellie has Tado working with Virgin broadband. The internet dongle is connected via an ethernet port of a wifi extender. That gets around the limitations of some ISP-branded routers.

    Can't make promises, but you may find that posting your questions here, (with a description of the problem and the system) will get responses from knowledgable users to point you in the right direction and troubleshoot the problem.