Support for "S plan" with single motorised valve.


Hi folks,

I'm looking to upgrade my old thermostat to Tado with hot water control. The problem I'm facing is that my system is not a completely standard S Plan, instead there is only one motorised valve which either allows hot water to flow into CH or not. In other words, the HW is always on and only CH is optional.

My concern is that Tado thermostat will complain about not finding the second motorised valve (for HW) and therefore disabling HW control (in my case inverse CH control).

As I'm not sure if this use-case was accounted in the software of the thermostat I wanted to ask before I put in the order!

Thanks in advance


  • SteveIreland

    What boiler do you have? Condensing with hot water cylinder or Combi?

  • wateroakley
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    @Matqo This is the user forum … What is the current system/controls - timer/programmer/room stat and boiler? What are you proposing to replace with Tado? It should be possible to replace most domestic controls.

    Wireless starter kit: The receiver in the kit usually replaces the timer/programmer and is set to control both CH and HW, independently by default. The receiver can also be set to 'combi' mode, that will control the CH only. There are NO and NC connections to COM on both CH and HW channels. This should account for possible variations on how your system has actually been wired. You also get the flexibility to relocate the position of your room stat.

    Buying: If you have any concerns about suitability, suggest to buy from a reputable supplier that has an easy returns policy.

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    See section 6, gravity setup: