Introducing Our New Volunteer Moderators


Hello community,

I am excited to announce that three dedicated members of our tado° community—@rafm5, @wateroakley, @martini—have officially been given the rank of Volunteer Moderator. Their continued passion and commitment to this space made them obvious picks for this role.

As their title suggests, the three of them will be working in the forum on a volunteer basis. None are employed by tado° or are being financially remunerated for their services. The opinions they have and continue to share within the community remain their own.

As Volunteer Moderators, @rafm5, @wateroakley, and @martini will be contributing to our forum's discussions and Q&As, ensuring that our community remains a supportive and informative space for all members. Their new responsibilities include:

- Keeping our forum clean and relevant by removing inappropriate or off-topic content.

- Organizing content for easier navigation and discovery.

- Prioritizing important discussions by sinking less relevant posts.

- Ensuring accurate information by reviewing and moderating Q&A responses.

Having moderators in the tado° community forum is a crucial step towards re-invigorating our online space byway of community building. Our hope at tado° is to offer a community that is both active and a valuable resource for current and would-be users.

Please give our new Volunteer Moderators a warm welcome! 👏👏👏


  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Emcee Good news indeed and I shall remember to tug my forelock before I disagree with any of them😉

  • martini
    martini Volunteer Moderator

    Oh don't worry - we haven't been granted the privilege of seeing your tado home information…. yet! ;-)