Using Smart Radiator Valve as zone control for under floor heating

I have recently installed floor heating on the ground floor but there is no zone valve control. Therefore, my ground floor is heated when my 2nd floor calls for heat. I am thinking to use my existing smart radiator valve as the gate keeper for UFH. It will be placed before the hot water entering actuator. Is this plan possible ?


  • policywonk
    Not the right thing to do. A ufh valve serves many roles.
    1. It opens the water flow for the ufh loops.
    2. It also sets an electrical trigger to call for heat through the wiring centre, which in turn triggers the ufh pump and sends a boiler call for heat.
    A tado trv doesn't have the electrical connections to trigger the ufh pump, if there is a dedicated pump for the ufh - and there should be because that's a lot of work.
    Suggest you consider this:
    1. Fit a two way valve triggered by the wiring centre to allow CH to flow into the manifold when needed. Not difficult really. Wire it to the wiring centre.
    2. Fit one or more Tado wired thermostats as the electrical trigger for the ufh.
    If you need a wireless trigger, you need to talk to tado about using another wireless thermostat as a proxy.

    Hope this makes sense.
  • DHL
    I am not going to replace the current valves on the manifold. My idea is adding Tado TRV as a zone cap then sync it with my Tado wired smart Thermostaat (both of them as 1 group). When the wired smart thermostaat calls for heat and activate the boiler , the Tado TRV will also open to let hot water entering the UFH