Issue with batteries/heating with Tado V3+


Hi all,
In March 2023 i've update my thermostat with a Tado V3+, it working well until today, when come back at home for lunch , i found my Tado thermostat as usual, but with heater on… i'm from Rome, and today there's more than 30 degree celsius… so didn't understood why was on, immediately ran to the boiler to keep off power, checked Tado app and no issue reported, no empty batteries message either, but cannot be able to switch them off from app. So next step, i called boiler assistance, who told me to try to change the batteries… after battery swap magically boiler stopped to heating home.
After all, i wrote to Tado assistance, who wants to check links are ok by sharing photos of electrical system. I replied who install the Tado thermostat doing it for job (but ok, shared photos of thermostat wirings, boiler wirings and boiler model.), after all, they agree the work was fine, but replied who thermostat didn't turn on heating for sure when batteries are almost die… I have a cat who live with me, i'm lucky today i was at home for lunch, but what if I came back this evening?
Immediately stopped subscription, and asap i will change thermostat, cause i don't longer trust it.
Everyone had same/similar issue?

sorry for my english


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    Emcee Admin

    Hello @Raffaello1987

    I'm sorry to read that you had issues with your tado° set-up and I am glad that your cat is safe and sound.

    I double-checked your Home's data and I agree with my colleagues — from our side we cannot see any issues with connectivity, batteries or (most importantly) calls for heat.

    I understand that after this experience, you may want to change thermostats. Until that is done, if you'd like to ensure no heat is sent to your apartment, the best solution would be to keep your boiler off.