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Vaillant TurboTec boilers compatibility


I have purchased the Tado system (Smart thermostat, Extension kit) but have problems trying to connect the extension kit to my TurboTec Plus boiler.

The tecnicians I have contacted say that the two cannot work (in their opinion) together so I am asking if anyone here has ever managed to connect a Vaillant TurboTec boiler with the Tado Extension kit (and made it work)?

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  • Hi Pelorus,

    I have purchased the Tado° Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit V3+ with Two Add-on Smart Radiator Thermostats and I'm having the same problem.

    I have successfully done the installation of all devises but my TurboTec Plus boiler don't want to communicate with Tado° Smart Thermostat.

    I didn't buy Tado° Extension Kit but before procede, I wanted to ask you how and if you solved the problem and made it work propriety?

    Best regards!

  • @Pelorus @Lukas

    It could be you are both encountering the following problem.

    Vaillant boliers in most countries use a type of eBus protocol, in the Netherlands they use OpenTherm. However more recently Vaillant have upgraded their boiler controller from the VR65 model to the newer VR66 model. This newer model apparently 'speaks' a newer i.e. different variant of their eBus protocol.

    Unfortunately Tado is not yet compatible with the variant spoken by the VR66 module. Tado have given no indiction of when or even if this will change.

    As I mentioned the Netherlands versions of Vaillant boilers use OpenTherm rather than eBus as this is apparently a requirement for all boilers in the Netherlands. This is achieved by the boiler being fitted with a VR33 module which translates the eBus to OpenTherm. Tado does work with OpenTherm.

    Unfortunately again even though the VR33 module is a genuine Vaillant part if you got one and had it properly fitted even by a Vaillant engineer here in the UK this will invalidate your Vaillant warranty. Likely a similar workaround of buying an old VR65 module to 'downgrade' your boiler would also invalidate your warranty although this might be harder for them to detect. (I have seen VR65 modules listed on eBay.)

    An approach that would work and would not invalidate your warranty is to wire the Tado to the Vaillant boiler in 'call for heat' mode instead of eBus or OpenTherm modes. Of course 'call for heat' is an older, simpler less capable method of boiler control and will not give you all the advantages and enhanced efficiency that eBus or OpenTherm can deliver but at least it will work.

    It might also be worth your adding your weight to the growing list of people who want Tado to support the latest Vaillant VR66 controller.

    See - https://community.tado.com/en-gb/discussion/comment/5298

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