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House Thermostat vs Room TRV

Hi all

Quick newbie type question: If the thermostat is set to a low temp not requiring heat from the boiler but a trv is set to a higher temperature, I assume that the boiler fires to heat the rad requiring it or is it overridden by the house thermostat?



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  • Thanks Andrei, yes answers the question perfectly.. The room with the wall thermostat doesn't have a rad in it as its a through room. So if for example a rad trv in a room is requesting a higher temperature than the wall thermostat then heat will be requested from the boiler to meet that higher rad temperature requirement.

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    I don't think that answer really touched on the point of whether or not the Thermostat which controls the boiler has primacy over any other.

    If a Tado thermostat (boiler control) is in a hallway and set at a low temperature (or frost protection), will a Tado radiator stat,in a different part of the house, when calling for heat actually get that heat?

  • Thanks, that makes sense.
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