Central heating Chaffoteaux Niagara Green C

Hi there I'm new here..

And I'm so excited about this Tado product, therefor I'm about to buy the whole Starter Kit.

BUT the main question of this all... Is my Central Heating Chaffoteaux Niagara Green C compatible with your product?

These are the Stats

Niagara C Green is a condensing boiler with integrated 40-liter flask with a width of 60 cm. An accumulation of benefits in terms of sanitary comfort and heating .

With its 3 *** CE certification according to the EN 13203 standard for sanitary and an overall efficiency of up to 108% in heating , Niagara C Green combines savings and sanitary comfort with a permanent availability of hot water.

And if anyone can help.. This is the manual... It's in French or Dutch.. Please help me so I can buy this great product everybody's talking about...


Hope you guys can help me..

Thx in advance!!!

Greets Jeffisan


  • Michael
    Michael | Moderator


    Thank you for your interest in tado°.

    We can only control this boiler with the Relay interface. We're not compatible with the digital bus that is on this boiler.

    In the future: our support might be able to help you quicker if you have question about your specific setup:

    Kind regards,


  • I have the same question.

    Is this compatible?