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How easy is it to set away/home compared to paying the subscription?


If I buy tado v3+ but do not take out the subscription, how much 'effort' is required in the app to turn the heating on/off manually as opposed to auto. All the backlash I'm reading seems to suggest it's a big deal, so is it more than a case of, 1) get a notification, 2) click on it to open the app, 3) click a button to turn on/off heating?



  • If there was a button, I wouldnt mind. Problem is there isnt one. Not before you actually 'left' the house. And not before you returned. You first have to start driving, until the geolocation spots you far enough from home, THEN you get a popup allowing you to set the house to away mode. While driving. And if you do that, there is no way to turn it back to Home home until you actually get back home to your ice cold house. Even if your brother, babysitter or household gets there. Even if you knew 1 hour before and could have pressed a button at the office. You cant. There is no button. Hilarious fun when you leave your phone at work too. Brilliant thinking by Tado.

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    So you can't even override it from the panel? Or turn off geofencing then enable our disable heating?
  • Well you can override the temp setting for each zone manually. I guess if you have 1 or 2 zones, thats not the end of the world, but I would have 8 or 9 zones. I didnt pay for a smart thermostat to be adjusting 8 temp settings 2 or 3 times per day!

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    Seriously, what’s the reason people buy V3+ products when there are a lot of V2/V3 still on ebay? Misinformation? Misunderstanding from Tado website?
  • I bought the Nest. It was reduced in the sales so its a lot less than the tado with extension kit. I can live without trv control.

    To be honest, Tado really needed to create a bundle with extension kit as almost everyone in UK has combi. Only one I saw was water plus heating with extension

    Thing is £79 for the kit is ridiculous, we all know it isn't really much more than an electrical junction box and basic radio receiver...
  • Just finding out now after installation of v3+ that there isn’t a button . And I have put a smart radiator in every room so 8 zones .

    So. Even if I pay for the subscription which is fine if need be , is there still not any option / button to enable / disable heating manually if I wanted to or set I’m away or actually on way home without manually adjusting 8 zones?
  • I believe you could use Homekit to turn on or off all devices in one go. Or more specifically set up a shortcut to do so, having registered your bridge in Homekit.

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    This is still a valid question requiring answers, but for me I chose Nest in the end. Tado was too expensive in comparison even when you add on the benefits. Then you wonder what else they will paywall off.

    Honestly, I just couldn't get past the ridiculous £80 for the extension kit. There is nothing in it worth remotely that much.
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    @mrmrmrmrmr i agree the extension kit is a bit of a fraff. Especially at £79 on its own. I was a bit concerned looking over the Prices on the Tado website tallying up my total it was costing a fortune and I decided to look elsewhere at another brand.

    Until Black Friday arrived, luckily I was ready. I got the starter kit and extension kit for £130 - it’s still on amazon now for £144 —- let’s compare that to my initial price up of £219 on Tado website for starter kit and extension kit. £90 more than I actually paid.

    The radiator valves are also still on amazon direct from Tado. 4 Quattro pack for £139 - compared to the websites £239

    I can honestly say if it wasn’t for these prices then I would of went elsewhere (which i actually did and returned)
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    Is there a problem if I were to put the Bridge into a smart socket and turn it off when leaving the house?

  • Problem is that you cannot turn it to away if presence detection is not working.

    Im awaiting a reply to a ticket for my wifes phone that it wont update on. So if she leaves, tado says she is at home and i cant turn to away.
  • Geofencing is no option if you live you life close at home. There is no simple on off option.
  • If you work or spend time away from home but within a few 100 meters, and if you don’t need multiroom control; I suggest you buy a Nest Thermostat, you can set Home/Away manually (it doesn’t work well anyway with geolocation)
  • I bought Nest, it works, I don't have to pay a monthly fee for the features. I think once the quarterly figures come in and Tado realise they're losing more customers (like me) through this than they're gaining through subscriptions, and on top the loss of goodwill after shafting existing users, they'll reverse this decision. Not to mention, when you factor in buying the ridiculously over priced extension kit (£90, please!).

    I suspect the problem for them now is what they do about the existing customers who have already paid the one off fee or a few months of subscriptions.

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