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Will Tado work with two programmers, two thermostats, one boiler...?

We are looking to update our heating and water programmers with Tado controllers. 

We have one boiler but two immersion heaters and two Heating and Water Programmers, one controls the left side of the house and one the right.

Will the Tado work with this, can you control two Tado products on one phone app ?

How will it control the different sides of the house?


  • Hello Christiaan.

    If you'd like to control just the heating of the two zones independently, it wouldn't be difficult to just replace each one of your wired room thermostats with one of our Smart Thermostats (you would need 1 Smart Thermostat Starter Kit + 1 additional Smart Thermostat). The hot water control would remain in the current controllers.

    However, to be able to also control the hot water with tadoº, you would need to use 2 Extension Kits. There's a technical limitation for which we can only have 1 Extension Kit per account, so you would need to create 2 different tadoº accounts, one for the heating and hot water of each part of the house. Each one of them with 1 Smart Thermostat Starter Kit and Extension Kit. And you would need to be logging out of one account to log into the other one. In addition, the location of these two controllers is too close to each other, this could end up with each one of our Extension Kits creating interferences with the other.

    So it is doable, but we don't think it would be an ideal situation.

    Best regards,


  • German, thank you for the answer, very clear.

    I am relaxed about the water on both sides of the house being heated at the same time; so could I simply combine the wires going into the two controllers, so effectively having one control with two smart thermostats.

    So I could control the temperature in each side; but accept that when the heating is on, its on both sides and when i'm heating water it is also heating both sides.

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