Multi-thermostat control household - how to setup?


So I have recently moved into a new build and I have brought my Tado system from my previous house. I set it up previously myself so thought I would give it a go again. The only difference is I have a multi-thermostat household now and there are not the options to select such a setup on the self install.

I was wondering if anyone else had a similar setup and how they got around it. My thoughts were to select each setup individually - so the primary thermostat and boiler and then do a second setup for the secondary thermostat and boiler or is it a case of sending in a specific email request.

For info, the setup is:

Boiler: Ideal Logic Heat 18

Primary thermostat: Danfoss TPOne-M (controls water and heating for all rooms except master)

Secondary thermostat: Danfoss TPOne-B (controls heating for master bedroom only)


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  • Gouldy
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    Hi, I got in touch with tado and they sent me personalised instructions to setup. All up and working :)


  • nytram
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    Did you manage to get this sorted as I have a new build exactly the same but a ideal logic Heat H15 boiler ?

    I messaged them before I bought and they said to buy the Starter set with smart thermostat, extension and water heater support and an extra smart thermostat for the whole house.

    When I got my instructions they said to replace the TPOne -M with the extension kit but its no where near the boiler. So I have asked for more instructions.

    TPone - M is for Whole House except kitchen and living room but does heat water

    TPone - B is for the kitchen and living room ONLY

    I have swapped out the TPOne -B in the living room with a smart thermostat all OK so far.



  • Perfect thanks. I thought it might be something along those lines. I will put in a request direct to Tado and see what they come with - as with you, how /where the main thermostat goes (unless its just for WiFi) is what is confusing me too.


  • If or when i hear something ill update.

    The TP one -B only had 2 wires for COM and NO but the tpone -M has 5 or 6 wires.

    Ideally, id like the extension kit with the boiler and the thermostat on the wall in the living room where the old tpone -M was. Otherwise ive bought an extra thermostat i didnt need.

    Also, i hate the email support, id rather they have a telephone support line as its been a week since i started requesting this stuff.


  • I have now had my insrtuctions back and they were not as I expected and they said they would not provide anymore as they only do replacement instructions.

    I was expecting the extension kit to connect to my boiler and the thermostats to replace the 2 on the walls.

    What I had to do and it was all done in 20 minutes was swap the thermostat in the living room with a smart thermostat and then put the extension kit in pace of the other thermostat that also controlled the hot water.

    The 2nd Thermostat is then just placed on the wall and works wirelessly.

    All working OK so far apart from the wife's stuck as away from the property. Mine works fine but I have to reset the wifes phone 2 or 3 times and its still not working. So leaving an email for the support to get back in touch.


  • Would it be possible for anyone who has receieved instructions on the best way to replace a TpOne-M and TpOne-B with Tado devices to copy/paste them into this feed, or tell me when I can get a copy? Also, I am interested in what you do to control the Boiler for Hot Water. Thanks, Mark.

  • Guys,

    Sorry to drag this back up.

    I have a very similar setup to yourselves;

    • Ideal Logic Heat H24
    • Danfoss TPOne-M (main ground floor hallway) looking after hot water and ground floor heating
    • Danfoss TPOne-B (master bedroom) taking care of 1st/2nd floor heating (I think)

    When I initially purchased all the kit (>6 months ago) it was fully compatible with my system but now that I've come to install it, Tado apparently will not work for me according to the install website.

    I currently have:

    • Smart Thermostat Starter Kit v3 (x2)
    • Extension Kit - Wireless Receiver
    • 5 TRVs

    Reading nytram's last post several times makes me think I should put the Wireless Extension Kit in place of the TPOne-M..... place the smart thermostat from the starter kit where the TPOne-B is in the master bedroom and the extra thermostat I have, either next to the Wireless Extension Kit (in the hallway) or any other accessible ground floor room (kitchen or living room etc).

    Does this seem reasonable or am I over simplifying this? I'm still awaiting someone to get back to me from Tado but would really like to get this installed ASAP if possible. Really don't fancy putting all this unused stuff on ebay and just getting Hive installed.

    Many thanks

  • Gouldy
    Did you end up getting it sorted. Just had my kit delivered a single the same position with the same thermostat
  • @Luther hello mate. Did you get this sorted?