Multi-thermostat control household - how to setup?


So I have recently moved into a new build and I have brought my Tado system from my previous house. I set it up previously myself so thought I would give it a go again. The only difference is I have a multi-thermostat household now and there are not the options to select such a setup on the self install.

I was wondering if anyone else had a similar setup and how they got around it. My thoughts were to select each setup individually - so the primary thermostat and boiler and then do a second setup for the secondary thermostat and boiler or is it a case of sending in a specific email request.

For info, the setup is:

Boiler: Ideal Logic Heat 18

Primary thermostat: Danfoss TPOne-M (controls water and heating for all rooms except master)

Secondary thermostat: Danfoss TPOne-B (controls heating for master bedroom only)


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