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Smart Thermostat replacing a Danfoss TP7001m timer/thermostat

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can i switch over a Danfoss TP7001m timer/thermostat to a tado Smart Thermostat, I removed my TP7001 to replace it with the Tado controller and the wiring looks different, I

expect i need to change the back plate but don't know how to wire it up as the wiring labels are different,




  • First, your existing wiring is not exactly right;
    The brown wire coming from the wall is the permanent live coming from the fused switch that you should have near the boiler; the blue sleeved is the neutral and the black with brown sleeve is the switched live going back to the boiler (carries the signal that tells the boiler to fire up)

    H Com and H on should be swapped; I’m sure it’s working fine now, but logically it would make more sense if they were swapped

    If you fit a TadoThermostat, the only wires you need are the brown and black (brown sleeved) coming from the wall; you need to fit the former to the NC contact and the latter to COM
  • Hi Jacoscar

    Thanks for the advice, in summary:

    Brown and Black (currently in H COM) to Tado NC and the Brown (currently in L) to Tado COM

    bin the current cable running from L to H ON and park the neutral (Blue cable)?



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