TRVs horribly inaccurate - any suggestions?

I've just added my first Tado TRV to my system and have noticed that the TRV is reporting a far, far higher temperature than the room actually is. As of now, the TRV is reporting 24C but my (separate) room temperature monitor is reporting 19C (which is definitely about right, based on other temperatures in the house).

My assumption is that the TRV is picking up radiated heat from the adjacent radiator and, if so, I can't actually see this working very well for my needs. I've attached a photo of the stat in-situ:

Any suggestions?


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    Yes. Vote this:

    But, while you're waiting, you can either set a measurement offset (meaning you will have innacurate measurements when the radiator is cold) or install one more smart thermostat (or TRV) in each room and use that device as the measuring device (meaning you will have substantialy less money :p).

  • Thanks Andrei.

    Unfortunately, I don't think a measuring offset will not really help as the radiator will be constantly calling for demand when it doesn't need to.

    i.e. real temperature 19C, recorded temperature 24C, so apply a 5C offset. This means that the set point will need to be 24C (effective 19C), but when the radiator is off, the stat will believe it is seeing a temperature much lower than is really there and will attempt to warm the room up again, thus forcing the system into an inefficient "hunting" state.

    Will see what Tado say, but I suspect that the TRVs are about to be returned!

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    Just to show why an offset doesnt work:

    That graph shows two TRVs in the same room. The purple one on a radiator, the red one 1m away from it, on my desk (and used as trigger).

  • I have had good improvements by mounting the TRV horizontally; if you have some plumbing skills, you need to rotate (or change in your case) the Trv body
  • You wait till you fit one in your bedroom, I fitted my first last night, so loud, at 5 in the morning I was removing it and refitted standard TRV.
  • I agree with jacoscar, fitting the valves horizontally does make a huge difference, moves the head just that little bit further away from the radiator, also there is already temperature compensation built in the software to account for them being close to the radiator, if you have had the old style wax TRV’s in the past, these work in a similar way to account for them being close to an heat source.

    As for the system not heating the room fully to the set point, there are several things that can cause this too, not just tado.
    Is the whole heating system balanced properly so each radiator in the system gets the correct temperature of water (lots of videos on youtube explaining this), again this can make a huge difference to how well an heating system performs, are there any cold spots on the radiator indicating possible blockage or air locks, has the TRV valve pin stuck in one position, what temperature is the boiler set at for the heating?

    I’ve had tado for 2 years now and was a little disappointed at first, but after a little patience got it working really well across the whole house with comfortable even temperatures in each room.
    As for how loud they are, to be fair to tado they are no louder than other electronic TRV’s, (not smart) have had 3 different brands in the past and they all sounded the same, problem is the metal pipes and radiators amplify them.
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