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Temperature tiles in app do not match real temperatures

Hi. A few of my tiles in the iOS app don’t match with the temperature which is displayed when clicking that tile. When I restart the app it is Oke? Is it a software bug?

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  • JoeyJoey | Moderator
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    Hey guys,

    This is a known issue and our developers are working on a fix. We will have this resolved as soon as possible, however please keep in mind the holidays are coming up and this will affect the time it will take us to fix this issue,

    Kind regards,



  • I noticed this last night as well - ie. I changed the target temperature in a room and went back to the main screen and it still showed the previous temperature. Closed and re-opened the app and it was okay again.

    But I tried it a second time and it worked okay that time which is a bit odd.

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