New Extension Kit not turning on CH or HW.

Hi. I previously installed a smart thermostat and all worked ok.

Just added an extension kit to both control the CH on/off and HW on/off. But it is now just blinking (4 times and then brief pause before repeat) and not turning on the CH or HW when I ask the smart thermostat to do so.

I think I may need to change a setting on the smart thermostat to let it know I now have an extension kit, to turn on CW and HW, but no idea how to access the install menu ( I vaguely recall during the smart thermostat setup it asked me if I had and extension kit?)

Thanks in advance for any help.


  • Hello Dl100uk,

    When you add an Extension Kit to your set up, via the tado° App (not manually on the device) our Installations Team is automatically informed of this and they will contact you via email with questions regarding the set up.

    If you do manually add the Extension Kit the team will not be informed. In this case we recommend you contact us

    Please contact us via either the Live Chat 

    Or via the contact form:

    Once these questions have been answered, the Installations Team will create custom made installation steps in which the devices will be configured for you.

    We do not recommend end-users to access the Installer Menu, only use the Installer Menu when specifically instructed by our experts.

    Kind regards,