Upgrading from v1 to v3+ kit

Hello, I already have a v1 kit, for about 5 years and want to add the smart rad thermostats, so I've bought a new tado° V3+ Smart Thermostat Starter Kit. My question is about installing this kit and making sure it is associated to my existing Tado account? Can anyone guide me as to how to do this please

Thank you!


  • You sure you want V3+? Will you not need to pay the subscription for geofencing if you upgrade to V3+?

    To answer your question, If I remember correctly, when I upgraded from 2 to3, you just go into the app, select "add device", select the correct bridge and follow instructions.

  • Good point, I'm confused though, https://www.tado.com/t/en/updated-why-we-created-new-v3plus-products/ and https://www.newhometricks.com/blog/2018/10/25/tado-pricing-update imply that "there will be no costs to use the Auto-Assist Skill for existing customers who upgrade from a V1, V2 or V3 product for as long as you are using tado" Is this more marketing BS?

  • tulloch
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    No, it is true as I have upgraded to V3, still have geofencing and do not pay. I have also not upgraded my app for £20 as I see no point in that although if I did I would still get geofencing without subscription.

    What I do not know is if all that applies to V3+ bridge.

  • Support have just confirmed to me that we have complimentary lifetime access to geofencing regardless of the bridge version or the app version we are using. You might want to confirm that for yourself before going ahead though.

  • Hello

    I have to replace a smart thermostat V1, Bridge V1 and Temperature Sensor V1 with V3+ hardware.

    Currently the Smart Thermostat V1 is wired to the boiler and a Temperature Sensor V1 is in the main room. Can I just disconnect the Smart Thermostat V1 from the boiler and connect the V3+?

    I have followed the app online instructions and registered all the new kit: Bridge, Smart Thermostat, Temperature Sensor so, it is ready to go.

    However, I am confused because on this page: https://support.tado.com/en/articles/4426614-how-does-tado-integrate-into-my-existing-heating-system

    It says that the smart thermostat V3+ should be in the house and, "a tado° Wireless Receiver/Extension Kit will usually replace a controller that is right next to the boiler or elsewhere in your boiler room."

    I have to wire something to the boiler to get the heat going...either the Smart ThermostatV3+ ...or, I will have to buy a Wireless receiver V3+...

    Please advise urgently as I have no heat because the V1 Temperature Sensor is dead and I have small children.

    Thank you!