Batteries -good?

Yesterday I checked the battery health via the app of all the radiators and they all reported as good. Today one of them needs replacing . Considering when I tested them after taking them out they were 1.38v instead of 1.5v is this really enough of a drop to warrant a change? And what is the point of the battery indication saying good? Surely it should say degraded or something if the battery is on the way out?


  • Hello neilalastair,

    The way tado° handles voltage measuring and the resulting warnings is based on what the tado° device requires (in terms of voltage) for proper functioning. The amount of voltage that a battery can put out fluctuates depending on the demand.

    tado° measures the voltage level in intervals, and when it registers that the voltage drops below the threshold a certain amount of times within a certain time frame it triggers the warning.

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  • Same problem here. Smart Radiator Valves reported good battery status in the app, but needed to change. There was no heating in the rooms. It happened in the children room during the night and the room got cold out. Shouldn’t be there a notification for replacing the battery? Few weeks ago I got notification and email for replacing the battery in the Smart Thermostat. Why was no notification for SRV?