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boiler not starting up


i've just got my tado all sorted at home

extension kit/thermostat

I've a delay in when the boiler starts, also it seems to start stops on its own.

any helps appreciated as the wifes at home freezing with it not working

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  • SkierSkier
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    Glad to hear it's sorted. I have TRVs on all radiators except in the bedrooms; they're too noisy for use in a bedroom for me.

    I agree with you about customer service and having someone to speak to . The best marketing is word of mouth and if people can get good, rapid resolution to issues their overall impression will be better.


  • If you have set up the system on your phone , not added it on your wife's phone and you're away from home then the system has gone into 'Away' mode as it thinks nobody is at home. To resolve the issue immediately you need to switch it on or raise the temperature within the app. And for the sake of domestic harmony you need to put the Tado app on your wife's phone and set it up.

  • thanks Skier.

    i've it on my phone (im at work) my tablet & wifes phone both at home

    i've geofencing turned off (thinks I'm at home)

    yet still nothing... :(

    wife & kids freezing at home

  • I just got TADo thermostat and extension kit installed. The thermostat, extension kit and internet bridge all connected to and paired. But the extension kit still showing not installed though connected.

    My wife and kids are freezing since installing TADO and until now, there is no number or chat site to get some advice to get the extesnion kit sorted so we culd have hot water and heating.

    I have an unde two and four year old. Last thing I want is for them to feel cold in the house in spite of we investing on a smart thermostat by TADo and a new bolier. Thanks to the thermostat TADO, we are now with hot water and heating. Please help

  • Did you get this resolved? Have you had the system working correctly? How is the Smart Schedule setup for the main rooms?

    I had issues with my installation as the instructions I was sent were incorrect. After about 10 days of to and fro via email I lost faith in Tado's support as they simply weren't listening. I'm not a heating engineer but I am technical and comfortable with circuit diagrams etc. I spent a day or so researching heating systems, mine in particular and wired the Extension Kit as I believed it should be. The system has worked perfectly ever since.

  • Hi Skier,

    all sorted.

    to be fair Tado were very good about it... 2 phone calls from Germany to make sure that it was all working.. we'd our "wires" crossed on a few emails & that was the problem.

    I reckon the issue is there is no one actually to speak too, although the chatbots do try to help.

    Great job now it's working... just need to save for the TRV's now :)

  • had heard that about the TRV's

    pity as it's the bedrooms I'm mainly thinking on, then again they'd not be on when anyones sleeping & if they are loud enough, it might get the girls up & away to school on time :)

  • @Dingerio0
    How was the issue resolved? As I am currently facing same issue.

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