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Radiator thermostats with Smart AC in one room

I have Radiator thermostats in all rooms, but I also have air conditioning in all rooms and would like to add Smart AC control units from Tado.

Before I purchase them. Would it work to use Temperature reading from Smart AC control unit for Radiator thermostats? So I do not need to add one more unit if I want a temperature reading in in the middle of room?

Like when I have few Tado devices in one room, I can select which one is used for temperature readings. So my assumption is that Smart AC if that is in the same room, can be used as Temperature reading. That would be great and no need to have several units on the wall.


  • It will be best to wait for a definitive answer from Tado but I get the impression that there is no integration between the Smart AC and the other Tado products - other than the fact the same App is used for both.

    I would therefore even be worrying about the possibility of a Tado Smart TRV trying to warm a room to say 21˚ and at the same time the Smart AC trying to cool the room to 20˚. (A work around would be to set the target temperatures of each so this did not happen.)

    If you have multiple radiators in a room each with a Smart TRV then you can define which is the master for the room or even set all of them to use a separate Tado Smart Thermostat as the master for them all. Again I don't believe this applies between them and the Smart AC.

    With the latest Smart AC v3 model you can of course have it along with the other Tado products all in HomeKit and therefore use HomeKit rules and scenes to do integration.

    You would be unlikely to have multiple AC units in a single room so a single Smart AC for a room would be fine. If you are referring to multiple rooms each with its own AC unit then regardless of the presence of any Tado Smart TRVs etc. you would still need a Smart AC per room so it can use Infra-Red signals to control that rooms AC unit.

    If for some reason you did have two AC units in a single room then if they are the same make/model and the IR signals from the Smart AC reach both it will control both as both would receive the same IR signals. If they are different makes or models you would need two Smart AC units as each would have to be configured to send different IR signals to match the different makes/models.

  • Thanks for a detailed answer. I do not want too many gadgets in one room. Rather of having a separate Room thermostat to properly measure temperature in room to control radiator thermostats, I was thinking to have readings from smart AC.
    Generally I never use them the same time as heating and cooling are different seosons. And there are months in between when both are not required.
  • I was going for the same question. Keep in mind that there is quite the growth opportunity for your business as most Radiator thermostat controls would map 1 to 1 to the AC controls.

    In my case I would buy 5 AC controllers since I have 5 rooms if you figure out a clean solution to this problem.

    Also the yearly subscription model makes no sense for me at the moment. I need heating 3 months of the year tops.

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