Error because boiler is

I recently installed a tado installation on a Daalderop combifort CV boiler.

Since installation there is a problem with the boiler giving occasional errors.

The error is because there is demand but no flow so it seems the thermostat is switched on but all SRT's are closed.

Is there a way to change the settings so that this can no longer occur ?



  • Try and get in touch with technical support so they can sesystem in the right configuration. This is going to take a very long time (from personal experience). Short term work around would be (if I am guessing your problem correctly) to set the smart valve/s in the room with your smart thermostat to Max temp so they always stay open. But since the Max temp is 25 degrees, if not enough for your room then the only other option will be to mount back your "dumb" valve and leave it open.
    Once your system is set by CS to zone heating you will be fine.
  • Thanks I'll get in touch with tech support .