Lockshield radiator

Hi, I've installed Tado onto every radiator in my house bar one.

In my entrance hall I've got a radiator with a Lockshield connection on both sides. This means that it's always set to my hottest radiator making the hall very hot sometimes.

I know I cannot install a tado onto this radiator. So my question is, should I open the lockshield and turn it to a 1/4 pressure or will that effect the system because it must have two lockshields for some reason.

Thanks for your help.


  • samd
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    Check your boiler installation guide. If your boiler needs it, I believe it is to permit cooling once the last radstat has closed.

  • MartinInSuffolk
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    Sorry I know this thread is old, but I have this situation too. In my case there is a wall thermostat on the wall, which I have replaced by a Tado Wired thermostat. My house is a new build and the builders took the decision to not put thermostatic valves on radiators in rooms which had wall thermostats. However this means the Tado thermostats can't control the hall radiators so the hall is always hotter than the living room (which has no wall thermostat, only radiator thermostats which I have replaced by Tado smart radiator valves).

    I'm wondering if I should have a plumber replace one of the lockshield valves with a thermostatic one in the hall. I got a quote from my plumber who said there's no problem with doing this as there's two bypass valves in the system as per building codes.

    What do people here think?

  • wateroakley

    Provided your heating system has a suitable bypass in accordance with the boiler installation manual (external or in the boiler) your plumber is probably correct.