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Need help to understand Geofencing


Just installed Tado. My set up contains Smart Thermostat, extension kit and 7 TRVs.

We have two smart phones both with the Tado app installed.

However, I do not get geofencing. It correctly determines if we are home or away but then doesn't seem to do anything.

As an example, at the weekend I went around 5km from home but the system stayed heating the house.

Likewise there seems to be no option to pay the monthly fee to enable the feature (not sure I would anyway). When I go into Auto Assist it just says "Auto-Assist is provided to you courtesy of Apple.". I don't even have any apple devices.

Does anyone know how this should work?



  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    In settings on the app, have you followed the guidance under geofencing "recommended phone settings"?

  • Hi Samd, yes I have checked all of those settings and can confirm they are correct.

    I thought you had to pay for this feature though and I cannot see anywhere in either the phone of web app where I would do that.

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    You only have to pay for the automated home/away facility. Without paying, it sends a message to phone telling you to select away (or home)

  • That is the strange thing. I don't get any messages on any of our phones.

    I will review the settings.

    Just to check where should the option be to pay? I cannot even see that anywhere.

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    Settings 4th item down - select inactive

  • I don't see an inactive option.

    This is all I see:

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    Sorry I cannot help you. I am on Android but let's hope Apple user here can jump in. It does seem though that you have auto-assist through Apple?

  • That is what I get on the website not on my phone.

    We don't even have any apple phones.

    I will contact Tado support.


  • I get the same I've only had the system installed 2 days.

    I'm on android and the message I have about auto assist is the same. I've heard of a subscription to be paid but have no option of this, I have the v3+ and 2 TRVs
  • Hi sorry for the delay.

    It transpires as my system was purchased from an Apple shop the geofencing option is switched on by default and you get the message about it being provided courtesy of Apple.

    It does work.

    On Wednesday 25th we were not at home. The normal week day program sets the living room to heat up to 18° at 17:30. On this occasion the heating did start a bit before but it did not heat the room to 18°. If I recall it said something about heating to 14° which is fine I guess as it takes the chill out of the room.

    We arrived home at 20:00 and according to the graph the heating had started just before then.

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