Anyone else ever seen Tado do this?

I have had tado for many years now, I have experienced issues where the location service stops recognising someone leaving the house and leaves the heating on thinking someone is still home, but this screenshot shows that my tado is recognising that no one is home but for some reason is still staying in home mode?

It clearly shows both myself, my wife and even santa currently away from the home but for some reason is keeping the heating on as if we are there? The location service is obviously working as it recognises we have left the house


  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    On mine when at home it says "switched to home mode by a home member" - is your different 'cos you are on autoassist? You also have a stranger hovering North East!


  • @samd Yes this is what it looks like when you have geofencing as mentioned I have had tado for a long time so location was all part of the free service when I bought tado.

    The strange hovering over the NE is a tablet that has location turned off, its my work around for the lack of ON / OFF button, when required I can remote desktop into the tablet, turn location on and it'll then think someone is home and turn the heating on for me when I am away, Its how I keep the heating on when the grandparents are watching my children and myself and my wife are not there! Grey out over there just lets you know their is another user with location currently turned off