I can't delete zones or devices

Good afternoon,

I have 7 Smart Radiator Thermostat and one of them is having problems because it goes on opening and closing the valve and "--" traces always appearing on the display.

I tried to erase the same but the error.

I also now have 2 home zones that have been deprogrammed.
I can neither delete the thermo nor delete the zone, basically your app is for nothing and your system is still very embryonic.

The help system does not work ....

I shouldn't have bought your system, it doesn't work properly


  • Joey
    Joey | Admin
    edited December 2019

    Hello Pipo,

    These errors appear when the systems has not been properly installed/configured.

    Our Installation Team has contacted you and asked for additional information regarding your setup, so they can provide you the correct instructions for your setup. Please reply to their email from December 7, so you can configure your tado° correctly,

    Kind regards,