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New Radiator thermostats - not calling for heat, not assigned to correct room - barely any support


First post/rant here.

Bought 4 new radiator thermostats to go with two wall thermostats controlling a dual heating zone house. Upon trying to fit the new radiator thermostats it became apparent that I was unable to assign any of the devices to rooms myself. I contacted Tado support a week ago to ask that this be rectified.

After a number of responses from Tado asking for the same information (thermostat serial numbers, names of rooms to be assigned to) I directly messaged the Tado twitter account which did speed up the process.

Today the thermostats were assigned to rooms and I thought all was well. But, none of the radiator thermostats will call for heat and there are now two zones that have the same wall thermostat and radiator thermostat in them, one of which needs to be removed (I cannot remove this via the web ui or app). Whenever I refresh the app the list of devices assigned to each room changes.

I feel really really let down by Tado - the wall thermostats were easy and straightforward to fit. This has been the most painful 'smart' house installation I've experienced. The lack of Tado support is incredibly shocking - there is no phone number, hardly any of my messages to the Tado chat have been responded to and email responses take days sometimes.

Not the kind of response I expect from a company that deals with something as important as heating people's houses in Winter.

Does anyone know of a way this mess can be resolved without removing all the tado devices?


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    Hello James

    By default the Tado stat which controls the boiler has to be calling for heat in order to satisfy the other devices. Use the chatline and ask for all devices to have primacy on the boiler. Once (!) you get through it is a 2/3 minute change.

  • Yes the difficult part has been getting a reply on chat - it doesn't seem to have anyone on the other end of it
  • Hi James,

    I share your frustration.

    I have exactly the same setup as yourself and am experiencing the very same problems. I am still awaiting for the rad stats to be assigned to rooms. Tado advised that not all the firmware was up to date but request for latest firmware information was ignored. So like yourself I have 4 unusable rad stats running firmware 62.3.

    They also sent a non existent link to 'Chat'.

    I am really lost for words.

  • I have had pretty much the same issue, it's impossible to get hold of anyone at tado, it almost feels like some kind of scam company they're so difficult to contact. I just don't understand why you can't do this kind of stuff yourself, why you have to rely on a completely unresponsive support centre.
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