Tado Internet Bridge will no longer connect


Hi all,

I've been using Tado for just 3 weeks now and while I like the product, the reliability has left something to be desired. In the first few days I experienced the Internet Bridge disconnecting from the cloud and not recovering, requiring a power cycle to restore connectivity. After 10 days of stability, however, it disconnected this evening and nothing I can do will bring it back online - it's just sat with two solid LEDs ("power" and "router") and the "cloud" LED flashing continuously.

I have tested with an external PSU as well as my router USB connection, a different network cable and different ports on the router. It goes without saying that my internet connection is otherwise working perfectly. I have factory reset the IB using the button on the back, but this has had no effect.

I'll be onto support in the morning, but any suggestions in the meantime? I'm quite worried about spending the entire Christmas period with no central heating scheduling!

Thanks in advance.


  • [Deleted User]

    Hello Dearn,

    In general this can have many reasons why it is not functioning,

    However in your case this was resolved by our Support Team.

    Kind regards,


  • Daern

    Hi Joey,

    Sadly, my case hasn't been solved. I've had another failure of the replacement Internet Bridge overnight.

    Looking at my network logs, it seems that my ISP had an outage for around one hour in the middle of the night, so obviously the Tado IB disconnected at this point, but when service restored, it remained disconnected for several hours with the cloud light flashing. All other devices on my network restored ok, but the Tado remained resolutely offline. A power cycle of the IB restored connectivity more or less immediately.

    Do you get any diagnostic logs reported after reconnection that might help diagnose why the IB failed to reconnect after the internet came back online?


  • Johnny5
    I have a similar problem. When I lose even a short blip in internet the Tado drops off line (particularly the Smart Thermostat and extension kit. It takes hours for this to recover by the meantime the heating is stone cold and not hot water.

    Main issue is the bridge, ext kit and smart stat simply default off but don’t remember the schedule settings. Essentially an insignificant internet outage cause a significant denial of service.

    I will be contacting the support team tomorrow but seriously considering ripping the kit out and going to a standard non smart set up. That doesn’t feel like progress to me.

    This design is just too unreliable and must be resilient to loss of the internet.
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭
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    @Johnny5 As a temporary solution please see below from tado

    If you have a Smart Thermostat directly connected to the boiler. You can simple control the heating by pushing the round button on the device and then setting your heating to your preferred setting and your TRVs can be set by turning the dial to the desired temperature.

    Loss of internet only affects certain Smart features, such as the Smart Schedule, Geofencing etc AND


  • Daern

    Let's be accurate here. Failure (let's use the right word - it's not a loss of connectivity) of the Internet Bridge degrades the Tado to a completely non-programmed control. It won't even run static programmes when the Internet Bridge is in this state and while it can be manually adjusted via the thermostat, this doesn't help you when you're away from home when it happens.

    For me, I've been forced to power the IB via a smart switch so I can automatically power cycle it to restore service when it fails. I've offered to help provide additional logging or diagnostics to aid debugging this issue, but not had any response to this. This offer remains open to help resolve this issue for myself and other users experiencing the same problem.

    I had another failure this week. This time, the IB failed without the internet appearing to be interrupted (or at least it wasn't interrupted long enough to trip my monitors). Once again, the cloud light was flashing and, once again, was restored by power cycling it.

  • Johnny5
    Sorry @samd that doesn’t help at 4 in the morning. Unless I set an alarm every day for that time. But that defeats the object of the timer.

    The issue is stability and that the system can’t store a schedule. It’s simply badly designed from a resilience perspective. You would design anything else like that. E.g. car sat nav. Imaging if you lost you route guidance every time you lost signal.

    Thank you for the post though.
  • zimnimrkev
    As newbie user of tado ib n radiator, I have been experiencing pretty similar issues. When internet connection slows/cuts Ib loses connection than never able to recover itself until I restart internet modem.. waited over 6hours but no self recovery..
  • kRt

    Same here guys however in my case the power off cycle doesn't restore connectivity.

    -         Smart valves are controlling my boiler manually

    -         My PC is connecting my.tado.com and is accessing the internet

    -         The bridge is using a reserved IP as instructed by tado

    -         From my PC I can ping tado bridge that is attached to my router’s Ethernet port

    -         The router is using Google’s public DNS as instructed by tado

    -         Port forward TCP 443 was enabled for bridge’s IP address

    So I suppose my network is fine.

    Is it possible that tado servers are blocking my tado bridge connection somehow?

  • SimonL

    @kRt i'm having the same problem, so are others in this thread: https://community.tado.com/en-gb/discussion/6488/bridge-not-connecting-cloud-light-flashing#latest

    This has to be a tado issue, nothing else has changed, my internet and all my other smart home devices are working perfectly.