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One smart thermostat per room?


So far I have replaced one Danfoss TRV with a Tado radiator stat, linked by a V3+ bridge to my android phone, and it works well in a spare bedroom room that is used occasionally. That was the easy bit!

Most of the house has wet underfloor heating controlled by 230v wired room stats. There are three zones, with a total of 8 room stats. A fourth circuit comprises two bedrooms, a bathroom and 2 en suites all heated with radiators or towel rails, some with TRVs

I suppose my question is, to use Tado, would I need to buy 8 additional smart thermostats, plus a couple more radiator stats to replace existing stats and TRVs? This would cost me over £1000, which sounds like a very expensive way to achieve smart heating in my home.


  • Not a direct answer Dave but can your current UF controls manufacturer offer an internet link to bridge current stat wiring centre to ethernet? If not you'll be likely £75+ per new UF stat and another £200 - £300 for the control wiring centre to suit ethernet so therefore heading towards the £1k in any case, all be it non-Tado.

    Hopefully some more fruitful answers pop up but could be worth checking out dual smart operation option if on a budget. :-)

  • Hi Jeff

    Thanks for the reply

    As I have three UFH zones I was thinking that what I really want is a programmable app-based remote control thermostat in each room, that will replace the existing Danfoss ones which are mains switching. Have a load of Tado stats seems like overkill


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