Tado thermostat shows-up in LAN as Espressif???

When i scan my local network i can't find my Tado Wireless Thermostat.

The only device what is unknown till now, is a device who's manufacturer is Espressif Inc..

Is that the Wifi Chipset incorporated in the Tado or...?


  • The only device connected to the WiFi is the bridge, the thermostats etc. then connect to it.
    No idea what chips are in it, mine (older version) showed up as Tado.

    Devices such as Sonoff use Espressif chips, as do many other Chinese Internet devices.
    It's not impossible for Tado to use them too, but it's more likely something else.
  • Thanks @Jon_On_A_Bike

    After your reaction i find out (I Think) ,that is has to be the Rituals Genie diffuser.

    Its also connected to my LAN.