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Several Rooms in One

Hi all. Been reading the forum about the 10 room limit. Whilst I’m another unhappy customer - I’m not going to ask the question again.

What I do want to know though if people do know - if I group a number of rooms together - will the radiators turn on/off independently?

I ask as the only rooms where we have more than one valve in - turn on/off within seconds of each other and I don’t want different rooms to be switching on/off together!


  • JoeyJoey | Moderator

    Hello MW123,

    If you group devices from multiple rooms together into one zone, when this zone calls for heat all devices within this zone will turn on/off at the same time.

    Kind regards,


  • Just to add, we tried this and it's a disaster, only one trv measures Temperature, so one room can be freezing and one room boiling. We tried grouping our hallway, kitchen and toilet and the kitchen ended up at 29° whilst the hall was at 18° and as far as I can tell, the tado was none the wiser.
  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @Kingsley Hello - you said only one trv measures Temperature. Why not make each trv its own measuring device?

  • @samd the problem is the limitations of tado. It caps out at 10 “rooms/zones”. I do not have an excessively large house but have 15 rooms with radiators (when factoring on utility, porch, halls and bathrooms)
  • samdsamd ✭✭✭
    edited January 21

    @MW123 Yes I appreciate that but tado knows nothing about your house nor the physical location of any device. You could, therefore invent a new room and put 2 or more room's worth of tado trvs into that new room with each device measuring from itself. The downside is that they all have to use the same schedule.

  • @samd - that’s exactly what Kingsley above has said. And it results in rooms becoming ovens or fridges as a result of only one of the devices in the room measuring the temperature.

    If the devices recorded temperature independently. I would have no issue with having the whole upstairs of my house as a “zone”
  • samdsamd ✭✭✭
    edited January 21

    @MW123. I apologise. I thought in the early days for me with tado that when I just had 2 rads in one room they were each measuring from themselves. I was wrong.

    I have just proposed an alteration to permit this to happen.

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