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Several Rooms in One

Hi all. Been reading the forum about the 10 room limit. Whilst I’m another unhappy customer - I’m not going to ask the question again.

What I do want to know though if people do know - if I group a number of rooms together - will the radiators turn on/off independently?

I ask as the only rooms where we have more than one valve in - turn on/off within seconds of each other and I don’t want different rooms to be switching on/off together!

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  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    If you have a Tado TRV on each radiator and, say, a couple of rooms have similar heating requirements then you could pretend that those two rooms are in fact just one room with a single schedule and the radiators will perform as usual.

  • Thanks Sam for the response - the schedule is pretty samey- samey all over the house. Where I’m confused though, if I group the lounge and bedroom together, will the lounge act as master (or vice versa) and turn off the other radiator regardless?

    Or will it go until it reaches temperature, turn off and the opposite end of the house would stay open until it reaches temperature?

    I’ve been reading about how only one thermostat reads the temperature in a room/zone
  • I have grouped the 3 bathrooms/ensuites as one room and used the North facing bathroom as the measuring device, works well enough they all come on at 630 for a couple of hours and at 2030 for a couple of hours at 20c so have warm towels and bathrooms when getting out of shower. I would keep lounge separate from bedrooms that will be a lot of wasted heating
  • Thanks mwhitt. So I’m guessing from your response all the devices are controlled by one thermostat only? As in - when your north facing bathroom gets to temperature it turns off all the other bathrooms regardless of how they’re doing?

    Or will they stay open and close at the right times?

    The reason I ask - I have a porch and adjacent hallway, porch is only single brick and if I link the rooms we’re either going to end up with a freezing porch or a tropical hallway
  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @Mwhitt Hi - not sure what you mean by zone in the following.

    If you link 2 or more trvs into one zone then only one is measuring /controlling

    I had to two Tado STRV in one room and each had different settings for heat etc

  • Sorry I don't think of rooms with tado I think zones, to put it simply I think of every room that has a door that can be closed a zone and as there is a limit of 10 I bundle some separate rooms that I am happy to keep similar temp into a zone to keep within the 10 room zone limit. In settings go to rooms and set what ever trv is master when connecting rads together.
  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @MW123 Any Tado Radstat can have itself as the measuring device OR another radstat OR a Tado roomstat

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