GeoFencing using app


I have noticed that the Geo fencing only seems to stop any scheduled heating and that if I have just turned on a radiator using the app to say 21C (not scheduled) when I leave the home and the app switches to away mode the scheduled heating radiators show as green so not heating but any that we’re turned on to heat up manually for a short time stay orange and heat up rather than turning off like the scheduled ones?

Is this normal behaviour and to be expected that geo fencing applies only to schedule heating active within the app? Hope to hear back from someone please appreciate any help or advice offered in advance.

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  • Paul28799
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    Have had communication with Tado and it appears all is normal as Geofencing only applies to any schedules setup so a user can still turn on a radiator manually using the app not already on a schedule.

    which has been my experience so that’s answered my question.