Explain offset

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I’m not sure which way the offset works, if the valve says it’s 19 but it’s actually 22 does that mean the offset needs to be 3, as in it’s 3 degrees higher?
Or do you need to tell it -3 as in the valve is registering 3 degrees lower than actual temp?
I think tado should show a couple of examples on how to correctly set this to work properly.


  • First description is correct. Reading here offset on the TRVs is pretty much useless. Either mount them horizontally ( bit of plumbing required), get another TRV and use as external temp monitor or get the expensive wall thermostat.

  • https://community.tado.com/en-gb/discussion/2800/trvs-horribly-inaccurate-any-suggestions

    Has various suggestions
  • Mine are mounted horizontal, I was just wondering if to set +3 or -3 in the example. I will be getting a temp gauge to check real temp compared to the valves temp.