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How do you handle these scenarios?

I have 3 rooms configured in tado, and i was wondering how you handle managing the below scenarios - maybe you have better solutions than mine!

1) Manually turn off heating for the whole house - for example I sometimes fire up the fireplace and would like to shutdown heating.
My Solution: IFTTT button to set to off and another to set back to auto

2) Manually control Home/Away schedule - for example, to remotely set Home schedule if guests are at home.
No solution: I understand there is no solution and it is a pending feature

3) Weekend schedule on a public holiday
My solution: i use the Mon-Sun schedule, but still have to change each room separately. Would be nice to be able to change among the three schedules globally across all rooms

4) Keep heating on for longer - for example, if i am hosting a dinner party and we stay longer than usual time night temperature kicks in
My solution: override temperature manually in each room i want to change. Would be nice to have some kind of day and night schedules and changing across whole house quickly.



  • MwhittMwhitt
    edited January 1
    Just set up routine with Google home and iftt. It won't accept heating related words so I just said freeze as the key word and all fifteen trvs went to frost protection. Should be just as easy to override normal routines for other options
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