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V3/v3+ app

I bought a v3 starter kit (bridge and two trvs) which I've installed so I presume I have the v3 app, how do I check?

I've just bought a smart thermostat and extension kit but these are v3+. Will it automatically upgrade my app or can I add them to my existing v3 setup?

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  • danc1976danc1976
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    I've found out that I still get to keep the v3 app with the option to upgrade if I want to.


  • Try to keep your v3 app
  • Why stay on the v3 app? I'm in a similar situation and think the air quality info might be interesting. It seems with v3 I have geofencing and automated window detection. I've only just got everything installed and working today so haven't actually seen it work in practice, but the upgrade prompt says it's a one time fee. If you say try to keep v3, that sounds like I might have to then pay monthly for auto assist which I want to avoid. Can anyone confirm?
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