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Smart Thermostat in Bedroom -Audible Click

Happy ;New Year all! Currently considering Tado. I have a two zone system with a a wired thermostat in the lounge and bedroom. I also have a separate timer for the boiler. Both thermostats have a an audible click when switching on and off. Not a problem in the lounge but the one in the bedroom is a bit annoying, is there a way of avoiding this with Tado? Thanks in advance.


  • Mine made the noise when it was wired. Then i replaced it with an extension kit and moved the thermostat to the another room in wireless mode. Tado support changed the configuration of the thermostat so it would stop trying to switch the boiler through wiring, and it doesn’t make the noise anymore. But the extension kit, which is wired, makes the noise. So if your zone wires are in the bedroom, you need a device to switch heat to the zone, and likely this will make the noise. If you can route the wiring out of the bedroom, you may then be able to use an extension kit where the wires come out of the wall, and have the thermostat wirelessly in the bedroom, which won’t make the noise. Of course check with tado support before trying to reconfigure anything.
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    @dgp1000 If you are concerned about noise, may I suggest you have a look on this site for the many posts concerning noisy radiator valves.

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