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Moving thermostat head unit to bedroom

Just installed 4 new valves in my living room and kitchen, which seem to be working to keep my living room warmer than the kitchen. I have another box of 4 and the plan was to install them in the bedrooms, but hearing them in action and reading the comments here I'm hesitant to install in my sleeping space.

Currently the thermostat is in the kitchen also, next to the boiler. Is there a way I could move the thermostat head unit to the bedroom and get an extension kit for operating the boiler? In this scenario how would the thermostat be powered - it has batteries right?

Alternatively is there another (3rd party?) temperature sensor that could talk to the thermostat and give it info about the bedroom temp? I understand that demand from any other radiator would mean that non-tado valve controlled rads would be heated.

Third question is whether there's a way tado could control 'traditional' zone control valves. I'm having some work done upstairs in the next year and dividing upstairs into 3 'zones' by way of installing inline valves to the heating circuit could be an option.


  • I'm assuming the smart thermostats should be able to control your inline valves, do bear in mind if the valves are the ones calling for heat ( normally two in a traditional setup) then you might lose any sort of modulation of the boiler ( if it has been setup that way in the first instance)

    If you want/need modulation best to get in touch with tado to see if the smart thermostats can still switch and call for heat via extension kit.

    If boiler modulation isn't required simple on/off then a smart thermostat to each valve should work with the valves calling for the heat when they open.

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