Heating just gone "no remote access"

Been using Tado for a couple of months now. Have recently swapped out the Internet Bridge via support, as the original one kept dropping off with the cloud LED flashing. The new one has been working fine for a few days, but now both the smart thermostat and extension have gone "no remote access" despite the Internet Bridge having all three LEDs solid on.

I can manually adjust the thermostat and trigger the heating to turn on, so there's no problem with the comms between them. The Internet bridge is exactly half way between the two (other side of a wall from the thermostat and the other side of a different wall from the extension), so should be able to communicate OK.

Not a lot of point in asking support as it typically takes 24 hours for them to reply, by which time my family will have kicked me out into the garden, so I'd better start rebooting and re-pairing.

I like the kit, but the reliability of Tado has left something to be desired so far...


  • So, despite all three LEDs on the IB being solidly on, a power cycle of it returned it to health. Hmmmm.