Whole House Control

Not sure if this is possible but...

I currently have:

1 x Extension Kit

1 x Internet Bridge

1 x Smart Thermostat

10 x TRVs

I'm thinking about getting TRVs for the remaining 4 Rads so ALL the Rads in the house have Tado TRVs. Was thinking, is there a way to configure Tado to turn the heating on through the Extension kit if any of the TRVs call for heat? This way i do not have to heat my Hall (where the Smart Thermostat is and there is a Rad WO the TRV) that is hardly used.

Thanks In Advance


  • samd
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    edited January 2020

    @Jamie2kuk Not sure which mode you are currently using but I, for example, have my Boiler-controlling smart thermostat turned down permanently to frost protection with every other device calling for heat when it needs it.

    If you want every device to have primacy, head over to Tado.com and use the chat line to request it. Once you are through it is a couple of minutes job to change from the default.

  • Awesome, thank you.

    That's pretty much what i need, every device to be able to call for heat and the Smart Thermostat just control the heat in the hall not turn the boiler on/off.

    Thanks for the info and decrypting my question lol