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I have currently a 3 channel programmer which does downstairs and up stairs heating and hot water all controlled by 2 port valves.. I already have two tado smart thermostat controlling the downstairs and upstairs heating my old programmer is set always on. I know I can’t wait replace my old programmer with the extension kit because the extension kit is only 2 channels and I need 3. Is there any other way round this, I’ve Been in contact with tado and there responses haven’t been very helpful.


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    Silly question but could you not do away with your second heating channel?

  • @samd am not sure to be honest am a plumber by trade electrical wouldn’t be my strong point. If that was possible I could remove up stairs heating from the channel but I wonder if the tado smart stat will still work when I do this
  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @stevenmcc92 Subject to the maximum number of tado radstats (10 I think) why can't you think of the whole house as a single zone? Mine is as are most others I suspect. and it then allows you to have the flexibility of each room calling for heat as required. In your case it would mean doing away with your 2 port valves or having them permanently open so that any rad can call for heat. Easy for me to say and that might mean significant work but the most flexible approach is for each and every room to b e its own zone.

  • @samd the only problem doing that is my house is 5 bedroom house I like to have the control of heating each floor. But yes I see what your saying about each room.
  • @stevenmcc92 if you want control of each floor just do as said says and on the app group all the upstairs to a single Zone/room and all the downstairs together, very straight forwards to do.

    I was on two zones, both my 2 port valves are now always open and each room is controlled individually.

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    Yes I will have to try something as tado aren’t really useful. another problem I now have Is that I’ve removed the extension kit and now there Is no remote access I’ve already went into the thermostat settings to tell the stat it doesn’t have the extension kit anymore but it’s not working
  • i have a vaillant vuw306 boiler and an extension kit,with the extension kit came an cable with 3 wires blue,grey,,brown. I Put blue wire in bus -at my boiler,brown in bus+ at my boiler,and grey in Rt 2,on the extension kit, i put blue wire in N,brown in L and grey in port 2,my boiler didnt react on my changes,even thow my extention kit is syncronized.What is the problem?
    thank you
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