Is possible to use TRV only in some rooms

Dear all,

I am not a TADO customer, at least for now because I am in the process of refurbishing my new flat. But I am strongly considering to buy TADO smart meter. My main concern, justified by several posts on this brilliant forum, is the level of noise produced by TRVs. My daughter is a very bad sleeper and at the moment in the current flat, we had to turn off the wall electric radiator and use the convector one which does not produce any noise in her room. Now in her future room, we have 2 radiators, so this means two valves, apart from the cost the level of noise will be higher and I prefer to do not risk to waking up her and also spending money on something that I have to remove.

So my question is, it is possible to install TADO in my flat and use TRVs only on some radiators like the living room, kitchen, hall and bathroom? How then The temperature of the bedroom will be controlled? I will carefully read the entire forum since I would like to learn as much I could and I appreciate any advice from others who had a similar experience.

Thank you all in advance

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  • Thank you for your answer! No my radiator have traditional trvs. However since they appear to be noisy, the TADO TRVs, I would like to test them in the living room if they are ok I will buy the rest for the entire flat. And also for economic reasons I prefer to start soft and the start adding